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How Juntos localizes fintech customer content with increased speed and accuracy into 22 languages, while decreasing localization costs by 40%

“From the moment that we could integrate our systems and rely on Transifex TM, it transformed how we develop our product. It has eliminated most of my concerns about maintaining quality and delivering on time.”
– Erico Franco Gomes, Director of Operations


    San Francisco




    Financial Software

Juntos is a leading financial technology (fintech) company with a mission is to build enduring and trusted relationships between banks and their customers. Juntos’ award-winning Conversational Account Management platform empowers their global customers to build trust and personal relationships with their customers at scale. 

Given the global, customer-centric nature of Juntos’ business, the fast-moving software company required a translation management solution that would support their growing number of global customers in providing the best support for their customers.

Business Needs

Prior to investing in any sort of localization or translation management software, the Juntos team localized their content manually with one internal system coupled with local translators in each target language. 

Naturally, this resulted in many moving parts that increased their need for efficient and easy collaboration. Before Transifex, it was difficult to use and adapt content from one project to another. Juntos’ previous manual localization methods made cross-collaboration costly and inefficient, with little to no control on translation quality.


Juntos turned to Transifex not only to address both their collaboration and comprehensive localization needs at scale. Here are the Juntos team’s favorite aspects of the Transifex platform: 

System Integration: The platform enables the team to easily integrate and synchronize all of their localization systems, meaning they no longer need to store information and translations in house. 

Global contractor management and quality control: With Transifex, Juntos can easily review, select, and engage translator contractors from around the world all through one central platform. This gave the team greater control on their copyediting process, resulting in improved translation quality across the board.

Project structure and Translation Memory (TM): The Juntos team makes full use of the ability to structure their localization by project and leverage TM while doing so. “This way I know when I’m evolving on the project, new translations will be done quicker while also respecting the tone and style defined for the project. It really taps on making sure things are consistent and done quickly without errors,”  shares Juntos Director of Operations Erico Franco Gomes.

On the whole, Erico shares: “Transifex pretty much eliminated our pain points and it has become an integral part of our product development. 


After three years of being a proud Transifex customer, the Juntos team has been able to easily localize into 22 different languages across three continents — serving 6 million international users with content localized with Transifex, and decreasing their localization costs by 40% along the way.

The Juntos team has also reported a significant improvement in content delivery time and customer troubleshooting processes. Specifically, Erico shared that the team saw a “60% decrease in time required to troubleshoot global Customer Relationships.” With regards to content delivery, the team’s content delivery processes facilitated by the Transifex platform helps them predict with more accuracy how quickly they will be able to localize their texts — enabling them to serve their clients quicker and deliver higher quality. 

“From the moment that we could integrate our systems and rely on Transifex TM, it transformed how we develop our product. It has eliminated most of my concerns about maintaining quality and delivering on time,” shares Erico. 

Last but not least, the team’s localization efforts have also directly improved the processes that drive the bottom line: “It is a strategic advantage to say that we deliver content localized to the country and demographics we are operating and it definitely changes our sales conversation,” states Erico. 



  1. Required a TMS that would support their growing number of global customers
  2. Searched for a platform that would enable efficient and easy collaboration across different roles
  3. Looked for a platform that would ensure translation quality to provide best possible support for their customers


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