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A complete translation editor

Accessible from any browser, Transifex’s Translation Editor makes it easy for your translators to work without any extra software. Plus, in-editor tools help them finish translations quickly and accurately.

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Search & Filter

Use filters to find a specific subset of strings in your file to work on, such as untranslated strings.

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Translation Checks

Each translation is checked against a set of rules to make sure it won’t break your app when used.

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Character Counts

Limit how long each translation is to ensure they don’t impact your app’s design or layout.


Translation Memory

Each time a translation is saved, it’s added to a database – your Translation Memory (TM). When a translator works on a similar phrase in the future, Transifex references your TM and provides a suggestion to reduce translation time and improve consistency.

Concordance Search

Look up a specific term in the TM and see how it was previously translated to ensure consistency.


Automatically use 100% TM matches as translations whenever new content is uploaded.

TM Leverage Report PREMIUM

See how much new translation work needs to be done and how much you can rely on the TM.


Visual context

Upload and associate screenshots with strings from your files to give translators more context about what they're translating. As they work, translators can translate screenshots one-by-one to avoid having to go back and forth between screenshots.


HTML and variable placeholders

Strings often contain variables and HTML tags that don’t need to be translated. To prevent accidental changes to these variables and tags, and to make it easier to focus on content that does need to be translated, the Editor automatically replaces variables and tags with placeholders. When translating, a translator can simply click on a placeholder to copy it to their translation.



Provide your translators a glossary detailing key terms, their definitions, part of speech, and translations. Glossaries reduce guesswork and help with consistency, making sure the terms most important to your project are translated the same way, every time.


Style guide

Create translation style guides to help translators understand your company’s brand, style, voice, and audience. This way, you'll be sure translations are on-brand across all languages.


Video subtitles

Translate video subtitles while playing the video inside the Editor. Being able to see the video gives translators extra context as they translate and review subtitles.


Search Strings

Easily filter (text) and illustrate key string results across all your projects and languages in one instance via your organization’s page. Select one or more search results and perform specific actions — like adding or editing tags, updating translations, changing the statuses — with just one click. Learn more here.

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