Use Transifex with your favorite tools

Connect with the services you use and begin localizing your apps and digital content quickly.


Start localization at the design phase. Accelerate your workflow by bringing the Product, Design and Localization teams closer.


Seamlessly integrate your Bitbucket repository with your projects to sync localization efforts across platforms.


Bring localization into your daily communication and increase project transparency with the Transifex Slack integration.


Easily add Transifex Live to WordPress using our plugin and translate your website or blog without complex setups.


Easily sync content between Zendesk and your projects in Transifex, without leaving the Transifex interface.


Automatically update files in Transifex when a change to a source translation file is committed to GitHub, and vice versa.


Use the Transifex Client to push and pull content to and from Transifex each time a Jenkins build happens.


Create projects, send and delete files, and upload and download translations straight from your Python code.


With Django’s built-in support for l10n, localize using PO files and the Transifex Client, or Transifex Live.

Ruby on Rails

With Ruby on Rails’ built-in support for internationalization, easily localize your website using YAML files.


Create Grunt tasks for uploading and downloading translation strings to and from the Transifex platform.

Help Scout Docs

Translate your Help Scout Docs site into multiple languages without creating separate knowledge bases.


Publish multilingual versions of your Lander landing pages with Transifex Live. No coding skills required.


Collect content from your Help Desk Knowledge Base and publish finished translations using Transifex Live.


Translate your storefront and product listings without building separate sites or custom themes.


Save your Freshdesk knowledge base content to Transifex and publish the finished translations with Transifex Live.


Turn your Shopify site into a multilingual storefront with Transifex Live.


Connect different apps together and set up “Zaps” to automate tasks.


Make your Unbounce landing page multilingual using Transifex Live.

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